Picture by Gabi Silva

Henry Black is a singer-songwriter based in New York City. Clearly influenced by traditional American music, Black harkens back to these roots while remaining contemporary in setting. Weaving personal tribulations and societal trends and events, often in the same song, Black's work stands as an independent narrative from the point of view of the modern young American. Eartothegroundmusic.com says, "...Black’s style is, as you will hear, both haunting and iconic. He has a perfect combination of youthful excitement and a savant’s ability...[he] shows a level of proficiency with this style that makes other folk musicians, even the greats, sound like amateur musicians." Having played dozens of shows in New York City since his arrival in 2015, he is an established member of the underground songwriting scene. He has toured extensively through the United States, playing venues such as The Daytona Bandshell, The House of Blues, Eddie's Attic, The Mothlight, Jammin Java, and countless others. He is touring through August of 2017, in support of his debut record, "Folk is Dead".

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